Nyhavn - No. 7 & 9
The residents of the 'Nyhavn House' welcome you and hope you would like to take a look at their home.
  • The Kitchen
Street view - the miniature version
The facade of the house is a true copy of an existing half-timbered property in Toldbodgade 3 in Nyhavn, Copenhagen.
At present it houses 'Cafe Brooklyn'. The property dates from 1755.

My miniature version of the house is also constructed as half-timbered - not just painted on.
It gives the facade a much more realistic look - not too perfect - suitable for an old property.  The roof are real miniature tiles.

The staircase is running in the back of the house leaving space in the rooms.

Street view - the full scale version
Photo: Vulgar Wheat on Flickr
  • The Merchant Store
  • The Toilet
  • The Master Bedroom
  • The Living Room

  • The Laundry Room