Nyhavn - Kitchen

The colour scheme in the kitchen is White & Apple Green
The back stairs are visible from this view
Kitchen cabinet - made from a Mini Mundus kit
Baking day...
The kitchen is in the basement of the house
Cake batter is being prepared. The eggs are made of Fimo.
Traditional Danish enamel coffee pot - 'Madam Blå'
Connecticut Tavern Table Ca. 1700-1720

After the Colonists had become settled in the New World they couldn't turn some of their efforts to pursuits other than clearing land and growing food. Cabinetmakers and artisans developed - or arrived from Europe - and began to ply their trade.

At first, many of their products were copies of designs common in the old world; but soon they began to develop designs that were distinctly their own.Timber was abundant and varied. The size of the trees allowed large, wide boards to be cut, and this influenced many of the early designs, e.g. the miniature table you can see in the kitchen of my 'Nyhavn' Dolls House.

Turnings were popular and replaced the straight legs of earlier simpler pieces.The tavern table had a top of wide pine boards. The legs were turned of hardwood, their discs and bulbous turned feet were somewhat unusual.

The finish on this particular piece was just blue paint; but many similar pieces were just scrubbed an d allowed to develop a natural patina.

When stains and varnished became available, this furniture was finished much as it is today. These tables were commonly used in taverns but they were equally used in the kitchen.The piece in my Dolls House is made from a furniture kit by ' The House of Miniatures' the base is painted in 'apple green' and the top has a scrubbed look.

Source: The House of Miniatures Collectors Series

Self-made plateholder. The birds were transfer pictures i transfered to the small plates.