Lundby Garnmagasin - No. 54
Lundby Garnmagasin is a haberdashery shop selling buttons, ribbons, fabric, needles, threads embroidery kits, etc. - all you can imagine for the craft loving miniature women. The shop is owned by an elderly woman - Mrs. Jensen. She had this shop for years - and between customers she loves sitting at the sewing machine. Her dachshund always accompanies her.

Small sewing machine - with working scissors, threads and needles - the carpet is made in the Bunka technique and is a patterns of cats. A friend of mine - also a miniaturist - made it and gave it to me as a gift.
Mrs. Jensen and her dog Mickey
Small embroidery kits with real scale pattern, needle, fabric and embroidery yarn (in the correct colors). I have made several of these that are on display in the shop.

Crochet baby jacket, shoes and hat as well as yarn balls in baby colors.
All crochet items are made by other Miniaturists and I bought them at the Danish Miniature Fair in Farum a couple of years ago.

Embroidery yarn, small buttons made of vintage - very small beeds, pincushion and threads & ribbon. The miniature print used for the buttons and thread are from Keldes Miniature Shop.
The counter & display
The store shelves containting my embroidery kits, fabric and knitting needles.
Interior view of the Shop
Interior view of the Shop - the electric transformer is hidden behind the door.