Christmas in miniature
Entrance to 'Rue de la Paix'
View from the kitchen - large town house
Living room in 'Nyhavn 7-9'
Dining room in 'Nyhavn 7-9' - also here dessert is ready
Entrance to the large town house
Biedermeier Console Table/mirror in Christmas dress - candles with bows, an angel is hiding behind the pearl hyacint (made of colored poppy seeds)
The residents of the large town house are ready sit down to eat their Christmas dinner
New present for the children?
Dining room in 'Nyhavn 7-9' - christmas dinner is almost ready
Traditional Danish Christmas dinner made of Fimo.
Writing desk in the green living room - large town house
Christmas tree in the large town house - with a lot of presents!
Advent Wreath - the candles are hand-cast on sewing thread
Door decoration
A happy boy with his new toy
Christmas decoration
Christmas decoration - and candle holders with red bows
Street decoration outside 'Nyhavn 7-9'. I found the small lanterns at the local supermarket. They have been modified - with a candle, acetate glass and christmas bow.