Archive - Items created 2012

The storage box
The little storage box is made of high quality french cardboard.
White tissue paper is fixed to the box inside to cover the ornaments when stored.  On the lid there is a red silk bow as decoration.

The picture on the cardboard box lid are made by 'Charmed Memory Collage' and purchased at

Preparing for Christmas
The ornaments can be removed from the box so they can be used when decorating your dollshouse for Christmas. After Christmas you can store them in the box :-)The diameter of these balls is 0,8 cm.Total Height: From bow to decoration beads at the bottom - approx. 1,5 cm

November 2012
About the vintage beads:
The small beads used at the bottom and in between the brass fitting and the bow are at least 100 years old.
They were originally used in a pearl embrodery that unfortunately was destroyed many years ago. All the remaining beads - in all sorts of beautiful colors - were taken care of by a family member. The beads were stored in a drawer for many many years until her daughter gave the beads to me. She thought I could make some use of them when making miniatures since they are so extremely small. So this is the background of these small beads.

Red Poinsettia in woven basket
The flowers are made of paper :-)

January 2012
I have just finished making this Rococo tray table with 'Dutch tiles'.
I found the template and instructions in the Danish book 'Miniaturemøbler i Skandinavisk stil, Møbler og inventar skala 1:12' by Susanne Botfeldt.
I have made the candles - I have melted old candles and hand casted new ones in miniature on sewing thread.
Handmade woven basket - I have made several of these in different sizes. I use them as flower containers for flower arrangements.
March 2012
I saw a similar floral arrangement in a flower shop - I just had to make it in miniature! The basket contains narcissus and tulips in different colors. All flowers are made of paper.
Grape Hyacints with bulbs. Spring is coming to my miniature world.
The Blue variant is planted in a zinc flower pot. I made the zinc flower pots last year but has not plantet anything in them until now! The purple variant is planted in a woven basket half the size of the other one featured in this page. The bulbs are made of FIMO.
Small Plant Tags - they are a copy of some 1:1 Plant tags I have in my kitchen. They are made of wire, cardboard and zink coloured paint.
Small gift bags containing flower bulbs. The bulbs are made of FIMO.
February 2012
Meat Safe made of wood and painted.
The measurements are b = 4,2 cm, H = 6,2 cm and d = 3,9 cm.
I found the template and instructions in the Danish book 'Miniaturemøbler i Skandinavisk stil, Møbler og inventar skala 1:12' by Susanne Botfeldt.